What She’s Really Telling You When She Says “I’m Not Your Whatever”

What She Really Means When She Says “I’m Not Your Whatever”

Have you ever been confused by a girl saying “I’m not your whatever” during an argument? You’re not alone – it’s a comment that leaves many guys puzzled. But rather than getting frustrated, it’s better to understand what she’s really trying to say.

She Wants More Freedom

Often when a girl says this, it’s because she feels like you’re being too clingy or possessive. Hovering over her and constantly checking up on her whereabouts can make her feel restricted. She wants space to do her own thing without you limiting her freedom. Ease up the possessive behavior, dude!

She’s Expressing Dissatisfaction

Another situation where you might hear “I’m not your whatever” is if something has been bugging her about your relationship. Pay attention when she says it – she’s likely unhappy about something and wants you to hear her out. Stop and listen to understand her perspective so you can work on making things right.

She Wants Respect

Part of what she wants is for you to see her as her own person rather than an accessory or possession. Respect that she’s independent and has her own identity separate from you. Treat her as an equal partner in the relationship.

She Craves Your Attention

It’s also possible that through her busy schedule, you’ve been neglecting her emotional needs lately. She likely feels taken for granted and wants you to show you care more about her feelings. Make more time for quality communication and acts of affection.

In summary – when she says “I’m not your whatever”, listen carefully rather than getting defensive. She’s communicating something is off and wants you to understand her perspective. With compassion and effort, you can strengthen your bond and prevent similar issues down the line.

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