Discover How to Overcome Toxic Masculinity and Build Healthier Relationships

Understanding the Dangers of Machismo

Machismo refers to a toxic mentality that prioritizes one’s own needs over those of others. If left unchecked, it can seriously damage relationships. This article will explore the red flags of machismo and how to build healthier connections.

An Overly Controlling Attitude

Guys with strong machismo tendencies typically want to call all the shots. They see themselves as the head of the household and like making unilateral decisions. But relationships are a team effort! Forcing your partner to just go along with what you say isn’t cool – it makes them feel more like your employee than your boo.

A better approach is to discuss major choices together as equals. Compromise when you disagree. Respect each other’s perspectives instead of always having to be “right.” Remember – two minds are better than one!

Self-Absorbed Behavior

Some dudes with machismo act like the world revolves around them. They only pay attention to their own needs and wants, without stopping to consider how their actions might affect their partner. That’s super selfish! Healthy relationships are a two-way street – you’ve gotta make time to listen to what your boo is feeling too without making it all about you.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. Ask them how you can better support them as they support you. Your bond will be much stronger when you’re a team rather than when one person feels invisible.

Disrespecting Ladies

Sadly, machismo types often don’t see women as equals. They may dismiss a girl’s talents or put her down to make themselves feel bigger. That’s just wrong on every level.
All humans deserve respect – regardless of gender.

Treat your lady (and all ladies) with kindness, courtesy and appreciation. Admire her awesomeness just as much as you want her to admire yours. Mutual admiration is the foundation of healthy relationships.

An Unfair Division of Labor

Some dudes think doing housework or childcare is “woman’s work.” But caring for loved ones and your space is a team effort! Relationships go two ways – you’ve gotta be willing and able to help out around the house too without complaint.

Have a respectful chat about splitting domestic duties fairly. Offer assistance before being asked. See things from her point of view and do your part to lighten each other’s loads. Together is always better than going it alone!

Moving Forward in a Positive Way

We all have room for growth. If you recognize toxic traits in yourself, commit to unlearning machismo. Build each other up with kindness instead of tearing each other down. Focus on actively listening, compromising, and finding what really makes your relationship – and your partner – thrive. A little effort goes a long way towards creating caring connections.

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