When Should You Give Up on a Crush and Move On?

When to Walk Away from a Crush

Have you ever really liked a girl but felt stuck wondering if you should keep trying or move on? You’re not alone – it’s a dilemma many guys face. Here are some thoughts on when it may be time to pursue other options instead of your crush.

Don’t Chase Too Long Without Progress

While it’s normal to want what you can’t have, don’t get stuck in an endless chase. If after a few months of asking her out, talking, or dropping hints she still seems totally unaware of your feelings, it’s probably not meant to be. Lingering too long gives her the wrong idea that she can string you along without commitment. You deserve someone who sees your awesomeness!

Look for a Fair Exchange

Love is a two-way street – she should like you for who you are, not just because you try super hard to impress. A healthy crush moves forward through shared interest, not one-sided chasing. If all your attempts at getting closer are met with nothing in return, it’s unfair to yourself to follow a dead-end crush. Your time is valuable – find a girl who wants to get to know you too!

Don’t Waste Your Best Years

Chasing the wrong person for years will only leave you frustrated and older! Your teenage years fly by, so make the most of them with people who truly care about you. An unrequited crush may seem important now, but soon you’ll meet others and wonder what you saw in her. The right girl for you won’t keep you guessing indefinitely. It’s ok to walk away and open your heart to new possibilities.

When to Call It Quits

If after 3 months of genuine effort she still acts like she isn’t feeling it, that’s your sign. Any longer risks her just stringing you along or you missing out on what could have been with someone else. It’s really hard, but show yourself some tough ❤ by putting your feelings for her to rest and moving on confidently. The right person will see your worth without hesitation – don’t settle for less!

Choosing to walk away from a one-sided crush isn’t easy. But by doing so, you protect your self-worth and free up your time and energy for better things ahead. Stay positive – your special someone is out there!

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