Does Her Silence Mean She’s Checking Out? The Hidden Messages in a Woman Going Quiet

When a Girl Goes Quiet

In any relationship between a guy and a girl, it’s important to communicate and compromise. Even when you argue, as long as she’s still willing to bicker with you, it shows she wants to work things out. But you need to pay attention when she gets real quiet.

Why She Gets So Sad

At first in a new relationship or marriage, a girl is for sure looking to be happy. Maybe you made her feel good, and things were super sweet. But over time, you stopped being as nice as before. You might go days without saying hi, or forget to tell her about hanging with friends. Maybe you’ll watch while others are mean to her and don’t stick up for your girl. The quieter she gets, the sadder she feels inside.

A girl’s silence comes from all the disappointments building up. It goes from her sharing everything to not wanting to talk at all. She keeps getting let down again and again. Until finally there’s just no words left, only emptiness from being so down.

She Wants to Leave You

A lot of guys think it’s annoying when their girl cries and yells while arguing. Then they’re like “Thank god she stopped talking!” But what they don’t get is – she wants to chat because she cares. Going quiet means she’s given up, like her heart turned to ice. Guys, a girl’s heart is like a cup of tea – keep it warm and you’re good, let it get cold and it’s hard to heat back up.

Being so quiet is a girl expressing how disappointed she really feels deep down. When she decides to break up, she won’t want to say why. Too much letdown has made her choose not saying anything over complaining. True disappointment isn’t screaming – it’s chilling silence.

Arguing gets your attention so she can stay. But her actually leaving will be the most silent time, when she walks away for good without a word. A lot of guys miss this sign until it’s too late.

Value Your Lady

Happy marriages have girls who talk things out with their guys. Problems tend to work themselves out thanks to good communication. Relationships without it are more likely to hit bumps in the road.

Guys, if you don’t understand and appreciate your girl enough, one day she’ll clam up and your marriage may end. Silence replaces everything from love to hate, beginning to end. So don’t let the girl who loves you feel let down or clam up. Cause then the feelings are gone and it’s too late once she goes quiet.

It’s not easy finding a girl who loves you and wants to keep you in line. Treasure the one you’ve got! Don’t wait until she’s gone to realize what you had. Pay attention before she loses her voice.

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