Why Girls Get Upset and Say Mean Things After a Breakup

Why Girls Sometimes Say Hurtful Things After a Breakup

Breaking up is never easy for anyone. But many girls often feel upset after a breakup and might lash out by saying mean things to their ex-boyfriend. What reasons could explain why girls act this way?

1. Feeling resentful

Girls aren’t always logical when their feelings are hurt. At first, a girl may think she’s fine with the breakup. But later she realizes she still misses her boyfriend a little. Since it’s too late to change her mind, these sad feelings can turn into anger. She directs this anger toward her ex by insulting him. It makes her feel better by “getting back” at him for wasting her time.

A girl may also feel “dirty” knowing she used to like someone she no longer cares for. Hurting his feelings with mean words helps relieve her frustration.

2. Seeing clearly without heart eyes

When dating, girls often only notice the good in their boyfriend because of love. But afterwards, with a clear head, she sees his flaws. No matter how strong her past feelings seemed, they fade over time. Thinking bad thoughts about her ex helps a girl get over him for good.

3. Disliking exes naturally

Most girls automatically dislike the idea of an ex-boyfriend. Looking back makes her feel disgusted by her past feelings. This disgust drives her to put him down with insults. Of course, if he really hurt her, being mad is reasonable.

4. Overanalyzing mistakes

After a breakup, girls may dwell on the bad more than the good. They feel their ex took them for granted but don’t admit their own faults. To avoid responsibility, they blame everything on their ex with harsh words.

In general, boys handle breakups more reasonably by seriously thinking it through. They don’t curse out ex-girlfriends since it’s rarely helpful or fair.

The bottom line is hurt feelings often lead to regret and harmful lashing out. With time and maturity, people can move on from past relationships in a healthier way.

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