How to Win Her Back After a Rejection and 3 Smart Ways to Get a Second Chance

What To Do If Your Confession Goes Wrong

It’s never easy having your feelings rejected. But don’t lose hope – with the right approach, you still have a chance to win her over.

Analyze Where It Went Wrong

First, think back on what happened. If you normally got along well, something must have put her off when you confessed. Here are two common reasons confessions don’t work out:

You Weren’t Clear About Your Feelings

She may have felt like your feelings weren’t that strong if you didn’t openly show you cared. Make sure she knows how much you like her by asking her out regularly, giving small gifts, and spending quality time together.

You Didn’t Sweep Her Off Her Feet

A good confession needs romance. Surprise her with something special when you tell her how you feel. Create a magical moment she’ll remember fondly.

Take a Step Back Before Moving Forward

Don’t pressure her after being turned down – that will only push her further away. Give her some space to think without you coming on too strong. Wait a week or two, then casually reach out.

Pretend to Move On

Message her saying you’ve realized she isn’t your “type” after all and want to just be friends. This takes the pressure off and lets her guard down. Don’t act too eager to talk – wait for her to respond naturally.

Remind Her Why She Likes You

Learn about her interests from mutual friends. Show you’ve been paying attention by bringing them up. Soon she’ll start seeing all your great qualities again without feeling overwhelmed. Then ask if she wants to hang out.

Don’t Give Up After One Rejection

Rome wasn’t built in a day. With patience and persistence, you have a good chance of changing her mind. Stay positive – your feelings may not be as unrequited as you think!

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