5 Clever Tactics to Win Over a Girl Who Isn’t Feeling You Yet

5 Tips for Getting a Girl Who Isn’t Interested Yet

Liking a girl who doesn’t seem into you can feel tough. But don’t give up – with patience and the right approach, you can win her over. Here are some strategies to try:

1. Be Friends First

The best place to start is as pals. Chat with her in class, sit together at lunch, do homework together – anything so you can show her what a great guy you are. A strong friendship is the perfect foundation for something more down the line.

2. Let Your Feelings Be Known

Once you’ve become proper mates, look for the right moment to let her know how you really feel. Keep it low-key though – like sending a kind text or giving a little gift to brighten her day. Go big and public, and it might weird her out!

3. Lend an Ear When She’s Down

Pay attention when she’s struggling with something. Offer a shoulder to cry on or help study for a big test. Small acts of kindness will show you care about her happiness. Soon she’ll start to see why you’re BF (boyfriend!) material.

4. Boost Your Swagger

Work on looking and feeling your best too. Join a sports team, dress sharper, learn a cool new skill – whatever pumps you up. Confidence is sexy, so strut your stuff! A girl will definitely take notice.

5. Go with the Flow

Most of all, be patient. Forcing things will only drive her away. Let your friendship develop naturally over time. With luck, she’ll start to see you as more than a mate – and make your dream a reality.

With patience and by focusing on friendship, kindness and personal growth, you’ve got a good chance of winning over that special girl. Just remember to stay cool and be yourself.

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