Which Zodiac Signs Are Hardest to Chase After and Win Over?

Which Zodiac Signs are the Toughest to Win Over?

12. Pisces

Pisces girls simply will not tolerate lies – even little white ones! If you try to make yourself seem better than you are, they’ll see right through it. The moment you fib to a Pisces, your chances are done.

11. Aquarius

Don’t even think about flirting with other girls while going after an Aquarius! They’ll spot a player from a mile away. Try broadening your social circle and they’ll lose interest fast. Aquarians want someone focused only on them.

10. Sagittarius

Sags are naturally popular, so gaining their attention is an achievement! But don’t go getting insecure – they’ll boot you to the curb. Freedom is what these free spirits love, so don’t smother them with neediness.

9. Scorpio

Clingy guys are a no-go for intense Scorpios. The more desperate you act, the more blah they’ll find you. Play it cool instead of coming on way too strong.

8. Libra

Libras dig being treated like royalty. How can you hype them as special if you do the same for everyone? Give your Libra exclusivity to earn prize girlfriend status.

7. Virgo

Virgos hate players with back-up plans. Once they catch on, they’re gonezo. Stay sincere instead of keeping your options open.

6. Leo

Leos don’t want someone who also has a big head. Stay calm and considerate – their temper will flare if you don’t.

5. Cancer

Cancers like stability, so fly-by-night guys bore them. Earn trust with patience before trying anything drastic.

4. Gemini

Geminis struggle with insecurity, so drama or dishonesty are DNRs. Reassure them consistently to get anywhere at all.

3. Taurus

Show Taureans you care by opening your wallet – half-measures won’t cut it. Prove you’re serious with cash before dating.

2. Aries

Firebrand Aries see through cheesy lines quickly. Keep it authentic with your approach rather than recycled material.

1. Pisces

Back to number one – Pisces simply can’t forgive a lie no matter what. Honesty is the only policy with these ultra-sensitive souls.

In conclusion, every sign is unique. Study your love interest’s traits, customize your style, and be straightforward to boost your chances of winning their heart.

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